It all started when...

Natalie Wattre is an accomplished Singer/Songwriter and cover artist from Southern California. She began singing and writing simple melodies at the age of 3. But her professional career kicked off in1989 where she was instrumental in forming the Los Angeles-based band The Extinct.

Over a seven-year run, the Extinct created an impact on the music industry, grew a local fan base of over 700, released an Independent album, and toured the U.S. and Canada with Natalie fronting the band as one of its two primary singer/songwriters.

In early 1997 Natalie decided that it was time to explore her own musical universe and left the Extinct. Backed by seasoned musicians she formed the Natalie Wattré Band where her songwriting talent and her wide range of vocal styles, which vary from throaty and harsh to soft and soothing, were showcased. Natalie’s songwriting style ranges from folk to alternative, with an intense emotional impact that comes straight from the heart.

Over the years Natalie would, occasionally, put her own flare on a well-known cover song. The response to these efforts was so great that she started building her repertoire of songs and decided to choose a wide variety of songs that would appeal to many different age ranges and musical tastes.

She is currently available for solo/acoustic bookings and is willing to travel.